Leveling Up Salesforce Skill Sets

Red Van Workshop University

Red Van’s internal training and development for new developers and those looking to expand their knowledge base.

What is RVWU?

Red Van Workshop University (RVWU) is our internal training and development program. We saw a need to train developers to work with Salesforce products and built RVWU to address the need. Training includes working with new developers to prepare them for various Salesforce certifications. It also includes internship programs and cross-training for developers experienced in some, but not all, Salesforce products.

Areas of Focus

As Red Van Workshop grows, our training programs have grown as well. We currently offer basic and advanced training for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware). Our talent team has also developed training programs focused on the Salesforce Core Platform. This training is focused on work with Salesforce Order Management and Salesforce B2B Commerce. All of our programs are focused on preparing participants for real-world client work and Salesforce certification.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware)

Learn how to work within Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) to build powerful ecommerce solutions focused on B2C sales. Students also learn Red Van Workshop’s Autobahn for Commerce Cloud platform.

Salesforce Platform (Core)

Learn the fundamentals of Salesforce development, including the data model, programming model, and user interface. Participants will learn how to use Apex, Lightning Web Components, and data integration to build custom apps and workflows within Salesforce systems such as Order Management and B2B Commerce.


Red Van Workshop typically offers paid internships for current students and recent college or boot camp graduates in the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Our programs focus on immersion into a worklike environment building out solutions in an agile set-up while joining the full Red Van team to get a feel for our culture and work style.

"The RVWU internship was an amazing experience. I went from having little experience in web development to being able to do client work immediately after finishing my internship. I was able to pick my hours and work around my school schedule which helped a ton. Leadership really cares about its employees and 2 years later I'm still here!"

- David Conti, RVWU Grad


Interested in learning more about RVWU? Feel free to reach out for more information. Even if there isn’t a current training session we’d be happy to provide you with information on next opportunities.