Salesforce Commerce Cloud

SFCC is the Core of Red Van Workshop

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud (or Demandware, if you prefer) has been at the core of what Red Van is from the beginning. Founded by five technical platform experts in 2014, we grew one SFCC client at a time, leveraging the combined experience of our 70+ onshore, certified developers and architects.

Enterprise Salesforce Ecommerce. Done Right.

You have a destination in mind: a brand new Commerce Cloud site, a re-launch on an up-to-date version of the platform, or perhaps just a dozen features you needed last year. That’s our jam. We’ve been doing B2C Commerce Cloud projects from the beginning. We’ve been through it, and we’ll pair a dedicated team of technologists with your smart as heck business team. Together, we’ll navigate our own road.

Group photo or Red Van Workshop employees

Thriving Remotely

We're a bit Different (But in a Good Way)

We were started by technologists, who then brought in the best people they could find. When we saw that there were not enough expert developers in the space, we undertook building a training program to develop more. We focus on creating an environment where remote, technical people can thrive — and do their best work — because this is what creates the best results for our clients.

What can you expect from us?


We specialize in complex, multi-lingual, multi-national, multi-currency, multi-brand ecommerce solutions.


We make sites lean, fast, and powerful. We help structure your ecommerce solutions so you can scale.


Want to use that awesome design agency? No problem. We'd love to help bring their ideas to life.


We’re all on-shore — No more communication bottlenecks or waiting for the team to wake up.

Autobahn for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Pulling from our team’s experience launching 300+ fully customized SFCC sites, we’ve taken the top optimizations, integrations, and features to architect the best possible way to launch an enterprise-level SFRA storefront.

Autobahn for Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud is:

  • Faster to Implement: weeks, not months
  • State-of-the-Art Experience: truly mobile-first, totally redesigned templates
  • Cost Effective: less hours to launch and much more built-in from the start
  • Customized for your Brand: our design partner will work with you to make it your own
  • Flexible Architecture: take the good stuff from SFRA, streamline it, and fix anything that’s not working right
  • Continuously Improving: regular, ongoing code updates that can be applied to your install
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Autobahn Express

But what if you need a fully integrated enterprise-level platform to launch your storefront, manage orders, connect with customers and build and publish content faster?

That’s where Autobahn Express comes in. We've curated the best of Salesforce ecommerce products and bundled them together for one easy monthly fee.

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