Salesforce Order Management

SFCC + SOM: The Perfect Pairing

Your ecommerce site is taking all the orders, but what happens after that? What if a customer needs to cancel a line item? Split shipments? Automated returns? That’s where Salesforce Order Management takes over. Enabling custom business logic, complex order routing, and customer service magic, Red Van Workshop’s veteran SOM team will get you there.

Salesforce Order Management. Done right.

You know the kind of challenges not having an OMS causes, or maybe you’re looking for something that better integrates into your Salesforce stack. SOM and RVW can help you get onto the enterprise-level solution your business needs. You’d be riding with the award winning SOM systems integrator.

Delivering Remotely.

We’re a bit Different (But In a Cool Way)

We were started by technologists, who then brought in the best people they could find. When we saw that there were not enough good people in the space, we undertook building a training program to make more. We focus on creating an environment where remote, technical people can thrive, and do their best work. Because this is what creates the best results for our clients.

What can you expect from us?


We’ve been working with SOM since before it was publicly announced, we’ve already done 10+ implementations in the short time it’s been out.


We know the platform through and through, you’re getting the best performing SOM solution possible.


We’ll work with your ecommerce team, whether you’re partnering with Red Van on the storefront side or not, we’re committed to your success.


We’re all on-shore — No more communication bottlenecks or waiting for the team to wake up.

Autobahn for Salesforce Order Management.

Autobahn for Salesforce Order Management is:

  • Faster to Implement: weeks, not months
  • State-of-the-Art Experience:
  • Cost Effective: With Autobahn SOM, you never start from scratch. Your starting point is equivalent to months of architecture, setup, configuration, and development. As a bonus, your technical discovery phase will leverage our accelerated starting point for visual and hands-on demos. This means smart, fast, and confident decisions from every stakeholder.
  • Customized for your Business: Our team of experts knows that no two retail operations are the same. Autobahn SOM gives you an accelerated and usable starting point, while also providing ultimate flexibility for the customizations your business needs.
  • Flexible Architecture: Autobahn SOM installs seamlessly on top of Salesforce Order Management, and then welcomes custom development, when needed, to push it even further.
  • 100% Native Salesforce: Autobahn SOM is built completely native to the Salesforce platform. All packaged and custom code lives and runs in your Salesforce Org, so your existing Admins and Developers are familiar and enabled day 1.
  • Continuously Improving: Our team of expert Salesforce Architects and Developers are always hardening, improving, and innovating. Autobahn SOM allows your
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Autobahn Express

But what if you need a fully integrated enterprise-level platform to launch your storefront, manage orders, connect with customers and build and publish content faster?

That’s where Autobahn Express comes in. We've curated the best of Salesforce ecommerce products and bundled them together for one easy monthly fee.

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