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Providing scalable solutions for your Salesforce Commerce Cloud project.

Red Van Workshop

With well over 250 sites launched and supported, our people are our strength. We leverage the collective knowledge of the entire team to troubleshoot problems and design new solutions.

Our Process

We are very flexible with what we can do for our clients. We engage in many different ways. Each client gets a dedicated team, based on their specific needs.

In some cases, we are the entire e-commerce technology team, and for other clients, we provide staff augmentation to offer additional throughput for existing internal client teams.

We assist retailers by providing reverse staff augmentation to get client developers trained and up to speed on Commerce Cloud technology.


Our Architects are e-commerce experts across all systems involved in the e-commerce process; from Commerce Cloud to OMS and ERP as well as any third party partners that integrate with e-commerce websites. They will not only guide and mentor teams in best practices for development but will also be the lead developer on our clients' project teams.


We are a process company, not a project company. We provide teams not hours. All of us are on-shore and working, in your time-zone, to get the kind of solution that you won't have to build twice. We only develop on the Commerce Cloud platform, so our developers are experts on the technical aspects of the platform. We know what is possible and have experience customizing site experiences on the platform.

Project Management

Red Van Workshop project managers provide guidance and direction to keep our teams on track for timeline and budget. We practice Agile project management methodologies to allow for flexibility in scheduling and faster throughput.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Engineers are experts at testing e-commerce websites. They ensure that the features and functionality that we produce work according to client needs. Our QA team tests across all relevant browsers and devices to make sure that what we build works. We also provide automated testing services to speed up regression testing to allow for faster releases of code.